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Early Investments in Hobbies

Early investments in Hobbies:

In early 2009, the group made an investment in the board games industry, and since then has not looked back. They now have access to sources that produce over 500 board games, from all over the world. They also acquired manufacturing knowhow and rights for several games. Over time, this could significantly reduce the cost of operations.


In late 2009, many hobbyists got together and felt the need to promote hobbies among school children. They got formally trained on Howard Gardner’s “Multiple Intelligence”, and were convinced that through hobbies, the learning process would be more complete. The learning process was going to be a long-term commitment.


In 2010, at the stamp expo in Columbus, Ohio, the group invested in a large collection of over 1 million stamps. In the same year, they participated in several numismatists conference and acquired 100,000 coins. A category of hobbies called “Collection Hobbies” was initiated.


In 2011, they acquired a software firm specialising in educational software for the K-12 segment. This was followed by acquiring know-how to provide content on multiple devices: Motorola’s Xoom, Apple’s iPad (Models 1, 2 and 3), Amazon’s Kindle as well as Kindle Fire, Samsung’s Galaxy, Sony’s e-Reader, Google’s Nexus, HCL’s ME, Micromax’s tablet and Microsoft’s Surface, besides the Mac and PC platforms.


In 2012, extensive field tests were conducted to establish benchmarks for different age groups in different hobbies. A set of standard processes and procedures were designed and developed. An internal research team was set up to draw up an initial list of hobbies to be distributed through a network of lending libraries. The differences between the two sexes were recognized and learning pathways designed.


In 2012 and 2013, digital rights for reading resources were acquired. The online READING@Hobbeez was field tested. Over 23,000 students from 153 countries participated. The results of the survey and the initial feedback was resoundingly positive.


On Sep 5, 2013 (Teachers’ Day in India), the READING Club was launched in India.