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Examples of Hobbyists

Examples of Hobbyists:

Here are some examples of people for whom READING is a lifetime hobby:

  • Joanne is a middle school teacher. She provides an Aesop fable to her class of 30 students and encourages them to make variations of the fable. She took the classic “Hare and Tortoise” fable and now has 400 variations to the story!
  • Melinda, a high school teacher, encourages children to invest in biopics – biographies that have been made into movies. She took her entire class through a reading of the biography of Steve Jobs and then took them for a screening of the movie. The class loved it. They have had 4 debates on several topics: “Obsession with Quality”, “Balancing work and home lives|, “Leadership Styles” and “Humility versus Pride”
  • Rita, a parent, organizes Saturday reading for about 6 children in the neighborhood. The reading is followed by discussions over candy and fresh orange juice.
  • Guru specialized in collecting books that have been made into movies. He then encourages some of his children to read the book first and see the movie next. He also induces some other children to watch the movie first and then read the book. The two groups then share their learning experiences.
  • Mori encourages her 7th grade students to read Shakespeare. Each student is then encouraged to put out a 1-act show on any player from any play. The videos are then shared with the learning community.
  • Jam arranges for his students to read books written by Enid Blyton. Parts of a book are then taken and students make comic strips out of them

We are lifetime believers in lifelong hobbies. Here are some examples of hobbies other than reading:

  • Madhu, 50, @Atlanta on Philately: Madhu, a native of Bangalore, now in Atlanta collects thematic stamps related to World War II. (Stamps belong to “Collection Hobbies” such as Philately (stamps), Numismatics (coins), Sea-shells, Sands
  • Sumathi, 50, @Chennai on Rangoli: Sumathi, a native of Chennai, has one of the finest collections of rangolis in the world. She is always willing to spare time to teach any one on the fine art of drawing a rangoli.
  • Suri, 45, @Michigan on Reading Comparative Philosophy: Suri, a native of Chennai, now in Michigan, reads up books on philosophy.
  • Shravan, 18, @Minnesota on Drums: Shravan plays the drums in his spare time. He has been playing since age 10. He says playing drums is very relaxing.
  • Trisha, 21, @Bangalore on Numismatics: She has every quarter printed in both mints (Philadelphia and Denver). Both her father and brother are seamen, and as they visited many countries as part of their travels, they brought back coins for her collection!
  • Apoorva, 18, @ Bangalore on Bharathanatyam: Apoorva has been practicing Indian dance for over 9 years. She frequently performs for fund-raising events.
  • Lola, 16, @ Ohio on personal grooming: Lola has great interest in personal grooming. She strongly believes that this helps in enhancing one’s self-esteem. Lola plans to dedicate herself to dance as a lifelong hobby.
  • Lisa, 40, @ New York on Word Games: Lisa is very good at word games like Scrabble and Words-with-Friends.
  • Gary, 24, @ Texas on Yoga: Gary has been practicing yoga for almost 12 years before he got certified to teach yoga on a professional basis. This is one example of a person who made a profession of his hobby.
  • Jay, 18, @ Boston on Chess: Jay learnt chess from his mother when he was just 9 years of age. Since then, he got interested in the game, went for formal coaching at his school and now beats even the computer! Jay specializes now in 2-mover and 4-mover problems in Chess.
  • Sangita, 45, @ Bangalore on hobby-farming: Sangita is passionate about organic farming and seed saving. She is keen to promote hobby-farming to school children.
  • Mohan, 40, at Boston on playing the organ: Mohan has the skill to listen to a song and then be able to play it on his organ. He has been doing this for 20 years.
  • Carpenters in the workshop for visually challenged have been able to produce classroom-size boards for Sudoku and Scrabble.
  • With the help of government support, computer-assisted hobbies have been set up in 114 schools in Karnataka. Mancala, a modern version of an ancient game played in India, is very popular.
  • Thanks to generous donations, we conduct every year a special contest for limerick fans. Winners from different age groups get the “Mangalam Maami Prize for the best limerick”.
  • Thanks to generous donation of a benefactor in Houston, an annual prize is given to medical students in India who demonstrate all-round development of their personalities.