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Benefits of Hobbeez

The main benefits of working with Hobbeez are:

1) Professional Assessment of the Child:

To begin with, we help in assessing the child’s aptitude and attitude with respect to each hobby. We maintain absolute scores in each activity. This is safe and secure on the cloud.

We also compute relative scores – the absolute score is compared with the scores of other children from other demographies (age group, country, sex, mother tongue, proximity to other cultures, income levels etc.). For obvious reasons, parents are as interested in relative scores as in absolute scores.

We carefully draw and closely track the learning curve – how quickly does the child learn the basics of the hobby (for instance, READING or CHESS) and is able to raise the level of understanding and performance.

We provide “Building Blocks” and “Learning
Pathways” for each hobby. Each activity has a specific purpose, a target and an objective that merges with the individual child’s study plans and life plans.

Each pathway leads to building of capacity in a particular set of skills, leading to the development of a set of intelligences.

Curriculum-based on best practices: While the activities are seen as fun, they help in contributing to more efficient assimilation of curriculum-based lessons. We can track this by mapping the hobby engagement with the school curriculum and learning goals.

2) World-class Quality Digital Support through:

* Peer networks (other children from other locations)
* Mentor network including members, parents, teachers, volunteers & librarians.
* Expert Network from experts in each hobby
* Support from full-time staff
* Furniture and fixtures recommended by Hobbeez –
they contribute to an ambience for learning in a safe environment; besides they are designed to be child-friendly and attractive.

In short, it is a well-designed model that uses a blended brick-and-click method. By combining learning with fun, it is both efficient and effective!