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Local Franchisees

Q1) What is the “READING@Hobbeez” Club all about?

A1) It is an online club, with a focus on children, who are typically between ages 4 and 14. The tag line of the club is “Readers become Leaders”.

Q2) What are the benefits to a member?

A2) Members have affordable access to a vast library network of eBooks. In addition, members can connect with a mentor network, which can provide extraordinary educational value. Children are encouraged to become part of a global learning community and share the joys of learning.

Q3) Who chooses the books? How many books does a child receive?

A3) Books are selected in consultation with the parent. Over a period of one year, each child receives a choice of 40 eBooks. Most books come with a Reading Plan and exercises.

Q4) How are the eBooks delivered?

A4) All eBooks are delivered by email.

Q5) What is the basis for the educational services?

A5) The educational services are based on “Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory”.

Q6) What is the cost of becoming a member?

A6) For one year: Rs 1,990; For a lifetime: Rs 9,990. We expect each LF to serve about 100 to 300 children.

Q7) Where can I get more information?

A7) Please write to rose@hobbeez.com