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State Franchisees

Q1) What is the role of the “State Franchisee” or SF?

A1) Reading@Hobbeez is a network of guides and mentors serving the community of school children who are between ages 4 and 14. The SF is typically responsible for appointing City Franchisees or CFs, with the help of the NF or National Franchisee.

Q2) What is the role of an SF?

A2) SFs report to the NF. SFs are responsible for appointing and supporting CFs in each major city in their state. SFs promote the activities of the Club in the state.

Q3) Can you give me an example of an activity?

A3) We propose to have a literary contest among children in a state. The SF will arrange for this on an annual basis.

Q4) How is the eBook delivered?

A4) All deliveries are done by email to the parent.

Q5) What is the basis for the educational services?

A5) The educational services are based on “Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory”.

Q6) What is the cost of becoming a member?

A6) Annual fee: Rs 1,990/-; Lifetime fee: Rs 9,990/-.

Q7) Where can I get more information?

A7) Please write to rose@hobbeez.com.