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Q1) What is “Hobbeez” all about?

A1) It is an online platform for children interested in combining learning with fun. The focus is on children between the ages of 4 and 14. Children are encouraged to read and share their hobbies and learning experiences.

Q2) What are the benefits to a member?

A2) Members have affordable access to a vast library network of eBooks and a global resource of tutors, mentors and guides. In addition, members can connect with an online community,which can provide extraordinary educational value. Lastly, children can become part of a global learning community and share the joys of learning.

Q3) How are the services delivered?

A3) All deliveries are through email addressed to a parent to be forwarded to the child.

Q4) Can arrangements be made to deliver the Services to a school library?

A4) Yes, this can be done based on a school accepting terms and conditions. We usually communicate with the students through the School Principal or the Librarian.

Q5) What is the basis for the model?

A5) Children are encouraged to read in areas of their interest. For example, if a child is interested in Chess or 3D Printing, a lot of readings from the world of Chess or 3D Printing are made available.

Q6) What is the cost of becoming a member?

A6) Membership costs Rs 1,990 per year ($ 400). Lifetime membership costs Rs 9,990 ($ 2,000)

Q7) How can my child become a member?

A7) Please write to rose@hobbeez.com

Q8) Where can I get more information?

A8) Please visit www.hobbeez.com or write to rose@hobbeez.com