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The mission of “Hobbeez” is to provide affordable access to the world of hobbies to every child in the world. Participating in activities related to hobbies is the most efficient and effective way to combine learning with fun. When something is fun, there is very little resistance by the mind, and so learning becomes effortless.

The tag line says “Share a hobby; unite the world”. This is because hobbies cut across the normal boundaries of language, culture and borders. Using the convenience of the internet, children have interactions with children in other parts of the world. At Hobbeez, we encourage our members to celebrate the independence days of all nations! Of the 365 days in a year, we celebrate 150 days as “Independence Day Celebrations”. Based on a recommendation by Jan Eliasson, a leading mediation expert, we celebrate the first Saturday of July as “International Interdependence Day”.

A hobby is usually a lifetime engagement. A leading gynecologist in Bangalore has been collecting stamps for over 50 years! She started at the age of 9, and today has over 2 million stamps. Bobby in Maryland has been playing the game of bridge for over 40 years – he learned the game during his college days and has been playing this game ever since. Today, as a senior in an Assisted Living facility, he plays bridge on Thursday evenings in a foursome!

How are hobbies different from sports? To begin with, sports tend to be competitive. While in sports you have winners (usually 1 winner) and losers (usually several losers!), in Hobbies you only have “Winners”! Two philatelists meet, exchange duplicate stamps and come out with both as winners!

One of the early initiatives of Hobbeez is the “Reading @ Hobbeez” project. Children in the age group of 4-to-14 years are enrolled in the program. In this program, children are encouraged to read. With the advent of television, video games and computers, READING over the last 20 years has seen a decline of 50 %. Through this project, we at Hobbeez are seeing a reversal of that decline – in fact, early experiments have shown an increase. With increased reading, there has been a positive impact, both in the lives of children and the worlds they live in.

In READING @ Hobbeez, children get to choose what they want to read. Guides help them with innovating reading techniques. By making READING an interactive activity, the child is able to share her/his reading experiences. For more on READING@Hobbeez, please click here.