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3DPrint Club Membership


3D Print Club @ Hobbeez

The 3D Print Club @ Hobbeez has been hugely popular with the academic community. Hobbeez has digital assets (videos, pdf notes, manuals, PPTs, software, Apps in iOS/Android) that are arguably the best in the world. More importantly over the last 2 years, it has access to the largest installed base of 3D printers. It operates through Life Memberships at the following levels:

For High School Teachers: $ 99
For Arts College Teachers: $ 199
For Engineering Faculty Members: $ 299
For Design Faculty: $ 399

Student memberships are also available at twice the above rates, depending on the level of the student. The fees are:

For High School Students: $ 199
For Arts College Students: $ 399
For Engineering Students: $ 599
For Design Students: $ 799

Working executives are invited to join the user club by paying a one-time fee of $ 999.

Over 12,000 members from different walks of life are already part of this fast-growing club! If you are interested, please send an email to rose@hobbeez.com

Benefits of Membership of 3D Print Club:

* Unlimited access to the library of digital assets available with Hobbeez.
* Periodic updates to members, based on their areas of interest.
* Trade benefits such as special offers and price discounts on popular products and services.
* Periodic inputs on new developments in the field, customized for each member.