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Art – RANGOLI@Hobbeez Club

The RANGOLI@Hobbeez Club has access to over 2 million Rangoli designs spread over 24 categories. The Club activities are coordinated by Chennai-based Sumathi, who is truly passionate about rangolis and is a willing and enthusiastic teacher.

The Club conducts an annual contest for children, who have to create original RANGOLI designs. The contest is held during the annual festival of Diwali. The contest is conducted online – the child creates the Rangoli, takes a picture of the Rangoli, adds a Selfie to it and mails it to rose@hobbeez.com

RANGOLI helps a child in two ways: one, it helps the child to concentrate and increases the attention span. Two, it helps the student with spatial and drawing skills  It is quite common among some of our young members to create about 100 new designs in a year.

As part of its activities, the Club provides Rangoli kits to children who enroll with the club. Rangoli contests bring out the best in school children, The best rangoli designs are selected and used as designs for greeting cards, posters and calendars. Funds generated from such activities are then donated to a good cause, such as building a “Girls’ Toilet” in a school.

We encourage schools to compete with other schools over the net!

The Club maintains a large inventory of color powder (over 400 shades of colors) and makes them available at concessional prices to individuals as well as schools.

Several variations of RANGOLI are taught to enable children to think out of the box. The Club maintains, arguably, the world’s largest collection of RANGOLI designs – 2 million and growing.

In India:

Membership Fee for the READING@Hobbeez Club:

Annual: Rs 1,990

Lifetime: Rs 9,990

(fee likely to be revised, based on rupee value vis-à-vis the US Dollar)

If you are interested, please send an email to rose@hobbeez.com


Membership Fee for the READING@Hobbeez Club:

Annual: $ 40

Lifetime: $ 200

If you are interested, please send an email to rose@hobbeez.com