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Board Games – CHESS@Hobbeez Club

The CHESS@Hobbeez Club has access to over 10,000 books on chess. These books are classified based on the level of the reader. It also has access to over 20 software programs that allow you to play with the computer. More recently, the Club has acquired over 50 iPad and Android apps that allow you to play with the computer.

The Club conducts an annual contest for children, who have to solve a set of chess problems. A favorite question with new learners is “How long is the shortest possible chess game?”, and the answer is 4. White plays, Black responds, White plays and Black checkmates White – can you figure that one out?

The Club has closely worked with carpenters and handi-crafters to design and produce chess boards for a global market. The Club has pioneered the use of embedded magnets to enable players to play chess in a moving train for instance – the magnets ensure that the coins do not roll off their positions. The chess sets are very popular throughout the world.

Chess helps a child in two ways: one, it helps the child to concentrate and increases the attention span. Two, it helps the student to learn to plan ahead. It is quite common among some of our young members to think 10 steps ahead.

The Club has identified the 100 most-popular games of all time – they call this list as “the 100 games you must simulate before you die!”. Many members take on the systematic study of these games as a first step.

As a second step, members are encouraged to select any 5 games that they may have played in the recent past and mail it to rose@hobbeez.com. We will help you understand how you have performed in each of those 5 games at different situations.

In an interesting variation, the Club has created classroom-level wall-mounted chess games where groups of middle school children play against each other. These giant chess boards are made in carefully selected workshops that employ people who are specially abled.

In a collaborative effort with the 3D Printing Club@Hobbeex, the Club has created designs for all the chessmen in a typical chess board. They make these designs available to anyone free of cost.

Several variations of chess are taught to enable children to think out of the box. The Club maintains, arguably, the world’s largest collection of chess problems.

The CHESS@Hobbeez Club has two broad groupings:

1)     SIGs or Special Interest Groups: An example of this group is the group that focuses on openings. Another targets end-game strategies. Still others work with Chess problems, such as 2-movers and 3-movers.

2)     Champion-Followers: Another grouping is based on chess champions. These groups read and follow their favorite players. We currently have followers of the following authors (alphabetical order, based on last names):

Bobby Fisher

Mikhail Tal

Anand Vishwanathan

The list keeps growing!

In India:

Membership Fee for the READING@Hobbeez Club:

Annual: Rs 1,990

Lifetime: Rs 9,990

(fee likely to be revised, based on rupee value vis-à-vis the US Dollar)

If you are interested, please send an email to rose@hobbeez.com


Membership Fee for the READING@Hobbeez Club:

Annual: $ 40

Lifetime: $ 200

If you are interested, please send an email to rose@hobbeez.com