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Collecting – Numismatics@Hobbeez Club

The Numismatics@Hobbeez Club has access to over 1 million coins from 72 countries in the world.

The Club conducts an annual contest for children, who are encouraged to

a)     Share their collection over the net – the best 10 collections receive certificates.

b)     Annotate any one coin of their choice – the best 10 annotations receive prizes.

The Club has closely worked with local Numismatics Associations to enlist the support of volunteers who are coin-collectors or numismatists, who are also willing to share their knowledge and passion with students.

The Club has pioneered the use of specially designed coin albums to enable children to collect coins, display them and annotate them when they do their research.  These albums are hugely popular with the student community.

NUMISMATICS helps a child in two ways: one, it helps the child to concentrate and increases the attention span. Two, it helps the student to learn several lessons from each coin – it could be a lesson in history or a module in geography or any other aspect that is in the coin.

The Club has access to a vast library of books on Numismatics. The essence of the books is shared with the student community through volunteers from the local community.

Student members are encouraged to select any 10 coins of their choice and then annotate them.  These annotations are shared among students, with the intent of improving upon them. The final versions of the annotations are shared with all student hobbyists.

The Club encourages each school to set up a Numismatics Club in the school, usually under the jurisdiction of the School Librarian. Children are encouraged to collect coins and once or twice a year, they are encouraged to share details of their collections with their peers.

In a typical such school program in Columbus (Ohio), 225 school children who were numismatists had an average collection of 540 coins but each child was able to see and appreciate over 100,000 coins. Doubles are exchanged.

The Club maintains, arguably, one of the world’s largest collection of coins – over 5 million and growing.

The NUMISMATICS@Hobbeez Club has two broad groupings:

1)     One based on countries

2)     Two based on themes – for instance, one collector specializes in coins related to Mughal India. Another focuses on nature themes. Yet another showcases animals that are likely to be extinct.

The list of themes keeps growing!

In India:

Membership Fee for the READING@Hobbeez Club:

Annual: Rs 1,990

Lifetime: Rs 9,990

(fee likely to be revised, based on rupee value vis-à-vis the US Dollar)

If you are interested, please send an email to rose@hobbeez.com


Membership Fee for the READING@Hobbeez Club:

Annual: $ 40

Lifetime: $ 200

If you are interested, please send an email to rose@hobbeez.com