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Gaming for Pre-schoolers

Inviting Parents of Pre-schoolers to the STEP Program

Dear Parent

We are pleased to invite you to a Special Tailor-made Education Program (STEP for short) that would give your pre-schooling child a head-start.

STEP@Hobbeez is a personalized and custom-made program where your child is provided with a 1-on-1 teacher over the net. Classes are usually for about 5 to 15 minutes, once or twice a week. The entire program is based on an iPad that would require a Wi-fi connection. The ideal age-group for this program is 3 to 9 years.
During the program, we would provide the child with a selection of games. The games are intuitive. We would allow the child to evolve their own style of play, occasionally supported by a tip or a trick.

By mapping the child’s progress, we actively engage with the child’s development. The end result is that the child experiences holistic development. A dashboard is maintained to give parents a snapshot of the progress being made at any time.

Please write to indu@aeiou-inc.com for more details.


Shobha Phaniraj
Head, STEP@Hobbeez