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A video game is an electronic game that requires human interaction through an interface to generate video feedback.  Gaming has many benefits that have been confirmed through scientific studies. The good thing about gaming is that it is fun, relaxing, educational, cheap, and addictive. The addictive nature of gaming is what gives gaming educational value. It personifies the saying “practice makes perfect”; in gaming, a player learns through doing the same task over and over; if the task is to learn a particular skill, the player will learn from repetition. There are also other skills a player can develop, such as hand-eye coordination, thinking skills (reasoning, decision making) management skills (time and resource management, active multi-tasking, leadership and organization skills) and communication skills

Here, at Hobbeez, we want our students to experience the best that is available from the world of gaming. An ideal gaming system for a child is one where he or she can have affordable access to world-class gaming. “Gaming Centers” are being set up, where we would have the best gaming hardware and the coolest of gaming peripherals. Hobbeez also provides access to the latest in next gen gaming gear like the Oculus Rift. There are seven ready to use configurations from entry level gaming to high end enthusiastic gaming systems to choose from.

We also understand that gaming can have a negative effect on the user, if used in excess. Therefore we have a structured program that assists the user in avoiding the pitfall of excessive gaming, while at the same time ensuring that the user gets the full benefits of gaming.

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