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Why READING@Hobbeez?

For Children: (wide choice of books + learning community + support = enhanced learning experience)

Affordable access to:

  • A wide variety of eBooks
  • Other participants in the same age group from different parts of the world
  • A network of volunteers who share learning experiences
  • Full-time staff to support you
  • A panel of experts on application of the learning experience

For Parents: (savings in cost and effort, in return for a better learning experience)

The main benefits to parents:

  • Enhanced learning experience from the learning community (other students, adults)
  • Value for money
  • Savings in time, thanks to access to online resources

For Teachers: (ease of teaching + network opportunities)

The main benefits to teachers:

  • Combines learning with fun, and reduces the teaching burden on teachers
  • Opportunities to network with other teachers
  • Savings in time, thanks to local access

For Schools: (Progressive Image + Access)

The main benefits to a school:

  • Enhances the image of the school as “progressive, modern”
  • Access to global learning resources
  • Enables the school to network with latest technologies

For NGO’s: (Free Access)

The main benefits to an NGO:

  • Free access that could be made available to the economically challenged
  • Opportunities for spreading the joy of learning

For Franchisees: (Income + Service)

The main benefits to a franchise:

  • A unique way of combining income-earning potential and service-orientation
  • Opportunities to network

For Society: (Employment opportunities)

The main benefits to society

  • An enhanced learning experience for children
  • Employment generation